Once the wedding day is here, it’s hard to pass along these pearls of wisdom since the day is already in motion. That’s why I created a short list of things I wish you knew before your wedding. I hope this helps you enjoy your day even more!! Pen and paper ready… Your wedding day […]


Things I wish you knew before your wedding

When choosing a wedding photographer, it can seem like everything blurs together. Here are a couple things to help start filtering through your options. Paying attention to things like the image style, and taking time to talk with potential photographers can help you narrow the field down considerably! The Photographer’s Style Some photographers create what’s […]


Making choosing a photographer easier

Planning your wedding can be absolutely overwhelming. There are so many moving parts and people involved that it can be difficult to clear your head enough to even know where to start. Here is some guidance to help you get started by prioritizing what you should do to start making traction with planning. It does […]


What order should I book wedding vendors in?

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