Things I wish you knew before your wedding

May 21, 2021

Once the wedding day is here, it’s hard to pass along these pearls of wisdom since the day is already in motion. That’s why I created a short list of things I wish you knew before your wedding. I hope this helps you enjoy your day even more!! Pen and paper ready…

Your wedding day is the most incredible day! You’re getting ready prom style like you did in high school with all of your girls, music blaring, and now you have hair and makeup people instead of curling each other’s hair!! It’s the best! That first part of the day is where you get to relax and be pampered!

Tip #1: Plan ahead and delegate. I send all of my clients a checklist for details to have together when I arrive. Make sure you print that list and give it to whoever is helping you on your wedding day; your maid of honor, your mom, whoever. Let them be in charge of getting that together so you can just be present.

Whether it’s before the ceremony or after, family photos are always a little stressful. Mom wants a photo we didn’t talk about, people are wandering around the church, or you realized you still really have to pee and you need a break.

Tip #2: My clients and I work together to create a shot list. It’s a list of every formal family photo we’re going to take. This lets you educate your family on what’s going to happen and where to be. Then my second shooter calls out names for the on-deck circle, and we get through them easy breezy! Make sure you have a good plan for this part of the day to make sure it’s smooth and stays on time.

The reception is so much fun but it can be overwhelming to be in a room where you feel obligated to talk to everyone.

Tip #3: Rest assured everyone there knows you love them, and they’re important in your life. I promise they will find you on the dance floor, when you’re eating, when you’re getting a drink, wherever you are, they will find you like Liam Neeson. Enjoy yourself, dance like crazy, eat tons of cake, and soak it all up!

Perfect! Check your email for tips!