Making choosing a photographer easier

May 12, 2021

When choosing a wedding photographer, it can seem like everything blurs together. Here are a couple things to help start filtering through your options. Paying attention to things like the image style, and taking time to talk with potential photographers can help you narrow the field down considerably!

The Photographer’s Style

Some photographers create what’s called “dark and moody” images. These tend to have heavier shadows and the colors are muted and darker.

Other photographers shoot more what’s called “light and airy”. These images tend to be bright with lots of neutral colors.

My style is more bright, natural, and vibrant. My images are bright and clean, but there’s more color in my pictures than other photographers.

When looking at pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll probably find yourself drawn to a certain style. Take note of that and when you look for a photographer, look for that style. You’ll want your photographer to match that style so you’ll absolutely love the end result!

Another part of the photographer’s style is if the people in their photos look how you want to look. Sounds weird right?! But, if you want more natural, sort of candid looking photos, you want to pick a photographer who has images like that. If you like more formal and posed photos, the same thing applies.


Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal since the photographer is there to take pictures, you have to remember they are with you most of the day on your wedding day. They should be someone you feel comfortable around and that you can communicate with easily.

In a way, you’re matching your energy to theirs. If you’re a super bubbly person and you’re high energy, you want someone that is just as excited as you are!

Go with your Gut

Always pay attention to how you physically feel about something! If you feel a feeling of tension in your gut that makes you question whether or not you should work with a photographer, or any vendor for that matter, it is absolutely ok to respectfully decline to work with them. You have to feel good about your choices and confident in the team you have created.

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