Protect Your Peace…And Plan A Wedding

March 26, 2021

Planning a wedding comes with level of stress that can be all-consuming and overwhelming at times. There are not just a handful of logistics that have to be managed but, also relationships. There’s nothing like the prospect of offending someone to stress you out. The good news is, it is in fact possible to protect your peace and plan a wedding!

Conflict arises when expectations are not met. In the case of a wedding, those expectations might be where people are seated, which traditions are honored, how much people are expected to spend. No matter what the answers to those questions are, the best way to prevent conflict is communication…like a lot of it.

Over the years we’ve had clients use all kinds of techniques to help communicate everything to the wedding party and guests. 2020 doubled down by having covid precautions to also clearly communicate as well as all of the other details. Here are some of our favorites ways to keep everyone in the loop.

  • For details you may need to communicate to guests at the last minute (i.e. covid precautions) include a line on your RSVP for an email address. Then you’ll be able to send a mass email all the way up to the day of the wedding to let everyone know what’s going on.
  • To make sure the entire wedding party is clear on details, create a group chat on a platform where you can see that they’ve read it. Marco Polo is a great app to use, especially to pass on lengthy pieces of information. It’s a place where you can have a large group of people as well. You leave a video message and others can respond to the whole group or just you individually.
  • Email would also be an easy way to communicate with members of the bridal party but make sure to request read receipts. Just in case an email were to make it’s way to junk/spam, this will let you know that it was definitely received, and hopefully read.
  • Create a phone chain for guests. If there were a last minute change or you needed to communicate something directly to guests, divide and conquer. Split up the guest list among the bridal party. Relay the message to Uncle Carl, and ask him to let your cousins know. If these are delicate details, have the bridal party call everyone directly.

Over communicating is never a bad thing when you’re talking about a group of people, family, dates, times, etc. When it doubt, send it out!!!

Perfect! Check your email for tips!