The Dress

March 4, 2021

As wedding photographers we have seen all kinds of dresses. Ball gowns, mermaid style dresses, buttons for days, lace ups…all of them. We have photographed them, hung them up, and helped put them on all of our clients. Recently, while helping my future sister-in-law find her dress, we experienced one of the worst things for any bride to go through.

My future sister tried on a dress at that store and fell in love. It needed to be taken in and let out in a few places but she was reassured it would be fine and there was plenty of fabric to work with. She purchased it off the rack and took it home that day.

The following weekend we excitedly took her dress to the seamstress the bridal store recommended. Once there, she put her dress on the seamstress immediately look concerned. After roughly ten minutes of looking, tugging, and looking again, the seamstress said there was no way to make this dress fit my sister.

It turns out that when she tried on the dress in the store, the consultant was holding the dress up higher on her body. So when it was dropped to where it actually should sit, it was 4 1/2 inches too small in one place and way too big in others. My sister in law was devastated.

The bridal shop did allow her to return the dress and she’s back on the hunt again.

When it comes to your wedding dress, never compromise. If you love a dress, but your maid of honor doesn’t…get the dress. If you’re not sure about a dress that your mom loves, don’t get it. And if you find a dress, make sure it can be altered to fit you.

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