Behind the Photography Scenes at a Wedding

February 22, 2021

A wedding day for us begins well ahead of the actual wedding. After putting together a shot list, a timeline, and scouting locations ahead of the big day, we are fully prepared for the main event. We prepare and pack all our camera gear, lenses, and anything we’ll need the night before. This includes snacks….lots of snacks.

The day of the wedding Heather and I usually arrive to the venue about an hour before our coverage begins. We take our time to thoughtfully walk around and scout locations for first looks, portraits, etc. Even if it’s a venue we’ve shot at before, we’re always dealing with different light, change in foliage, all of those little details that make a big difference in pictures.

Once we feel good about everything, we check in with our bride and get to work. We start by shooting bridal details. This gives our bride a chance to finish up getting hair and makeup done.

wedding shoes with wedding ring, bridal hair piece, and wedding earrings

Once she’s all put together we get some fun hanging out shots, getting ready candid pictures with her bridesmaids, all of those great shots with the girls. Then, it’s time for the dress. Cue tears…..

We work really hard to stay on track with our timeline for the day. That means setting a million alarms on our phones, checking our Apple Watches (not an ad but that thing is amazing) constantly for the time, and educating our client on the front end about how the day is going to go.

As soon as we begin bridal party portraits and first looks, the day flies. Before you know it, the ceremony is over and we’re shooting husband and wife portraits!

Groom wearing a gray tux picking up his bride who is wearing a lace wedding dress and holding a bridal bouquet

The reception is where Heather and I get to relax a little. We of course photograph all of the important dances and cake cutting, but we also dance like fools!!

By the end of the day, we’re exhausted physically but holy crap we have fun! We usually eat and dance in the car the whole way home. The next morning we deliver sneak peaks to our clients and spend the day recovering! Then the following weekend, we do it all again!!

Perfect! Check your email for tips!