Weddings in 2021

February 19, 2021

Outdoor fall wedding guests wearing masks and waiting for the wedding ceremony

In 2020 weddings looked a lot like this….outdoors, masks, and chairs really far apart.

Going into 2021 we’re seeing that weddings are looking similar but with a new respect and understanding for why and the purpose behind it. The tolerance for having to wear a mask is definitely much different than what we saw last year. This kiddo very clearly demonstrates how people felt about it.

If you’re attending a wedding in 2021, here are some recommendations based on what we saw last year…

  • Bring a mask and wear a mask. Once dinner is served and drinks start flowing, it definitely gets more relaxed but if you’re standing around talking to people before the ceremony, it’s a small precaution you can take.
  • Most venues and couples are putting hand sanitizer out all over tables and in common spaces but it doesn’t hurt to pack a little travel bottle just in case.
  • Be mindful of your space. At any wedding reception where alcohol is served, there will always be a couple people that go too far. They tend to then lose the ability to judge personal space.
  • Buffets of any kind are no longer self-serve, and we’ve noticed that it takes longer to feed guests. Plan ahead if you’re someone who has blood sugar issues, or just gets hangry (hungry + angry). Bring snacks or eat right before the wedding.

Overall, we saw couples work really hard last year to make sure their guests felt comfortable and had a good time. If you don’t feel safe, it’s okay to send your love, and maybe a card, but stay home. Weddings are such a special thing and we know our clients want everyone to be there if they can but they’re also incredibly understanding.

As for us, Heather and I wear masks the entire time we’re indoors and we typically eat in a separate area. We work hard to protect ourselves and our clients. Although we have masks on, we will still dance like fools during the reception….every time.

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