Monica and Chris

June 29, 2020


After dating for more than six years, Monica and Chris have finally tied the knot!

The day of their wedding the weather was dicey. In Ohio, it could literally change seasons throughout the day so outdoor weddings always have a special level of uncertainty with them. On that day, rain was the million dollar question. It was the kind of humidity that Florida has all year round. It ended up holding off and although it was hot, it was perfect!!

Chris and Monica chose to have a small, intimate wedding at the gazebo at Meyer Lake in Mt. Airy Forest. The gazebo is tucked away and provided some privacy for the ceremony. Unfortunately, the reception venue cancelled so it became a party at the newly weds house afterwards!

The ceremony was filled with loving advice and romantic vows. Monica’s children were by her side, her son guarding the rings for dear life. When the time came to pronounce them husband and wife, I finally got to see a little relief wash over Chris. It was clear he was ready to be married and ready for the air conditioning as well…it was a million degrees!

After the ceremony Monica and Chris has some time to talk with friends and family. Some they hadn’t seen in a while, thanks to quarantine, so there was a definite excitement to see those faces again.

The sweetest moment came after they were officially married, when I had Monica and Chris pulled to the side. I was getting some pictures of them and the details from their wedding. Monica had brought their invitation (*it’s on the checklist I send ladies!). I asked them for their rings to get a picture of it all together. Chris said he never intended to take his off but handed it over after Monica reassured him that the pictures would be nice to have. This is one of the shots I took. Their invitations were awesome!!


Once I was done with detail pictures, I reached out to give Monica back her rings but Chris took them and placed them back on her hand, the way he had just minutes before. He loves that girl for sure!

The couple spent some time talking with everyone and headed home to party! It was a super sweet way to do a small wedding with the people that are most important to you. Thank you Monica and Chris for having me there to photograph your big day!!! Congratulations!!


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