A photographer with nothing to shoot

June 29, 2020


This blog post is not related to anything wedding photography, and that’s totally okay. I felt like it was something worth sharing…plus the pictures are pretty, lol.

When the stay at home orders were put into place I went from having a full spring wedding calendar to literally nothing. I was lost for a while and couldn’t figure out what to do with myself. I eventually walked around my neighborhood just to get fresh air and some sun on my face. It was early spring and the blooms were out in full force.

The next time I went out, I took my camera.

I took pictures of random things around the neighborhood, the blooms, the trees, everything I could find that felt pretty or unique. Not only did it help relieve some of the pent up creative vibes, but I found a whole new appreciation for where I live. I posted the pictures on our neighborhood Facebook page and neighbors immediately recognized their yards, and joked about the various things I photographed. It was small but it rallied the neighborhood to get through what we originally thought would be two weeks in the house.

As we approach month three of quarantine, I’m finding myself back in that place. I need to shoot, and to be able to photograph weddings, engagements, families, anything! Luckily I have two weddings coming up that have opted to continue. I’m excited, a little nervous, and probably everything in between to move through this new season.

For anyone that’s a creative, you know the feeling of wanting/needing to create. It’s almost painful and it definitely messes with your mental health to be stuck. It’s important to find things, literally anything, to do to give your brain and your creative soul an outlet. I have leaned on other photographers as well and have found that being in community with like-minded others, has helped me find new ways to grow in this new normal.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is not to take anything for granted. It’s not just about not taking people for granted. It’s about appreciating flowers, a plastic pink flamingo, sunshine, even Facebook.

I hope everyone is doing well, and is happy and healthy. I miss you all but soon……very soon!!!!

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