Non-Traditional but Equally as Fun, Bachelorette Party Ideas

April 9, 2020

Celebrating the “last fling before the ring” has long been a tradition for both brides and grooms alike. More recently, the risqué bachelorette parties have become less popular. This has opened the door for some amazing ideas that don’t include phallic symbol cookies or straws.


Here are some of the ideas that I’ve heard from clients and friends…


  • Grab your girls and go to the nicest restaurant in town. For those in Cincinnati, this might be a Jeff Ruby’s restaurant, or one of the amazing places downtown that has an incredible view. The idea is to go somewhere that you don’t go to every week, or even every month. This will likely cost about the same as a rogue night out and will definitely have better service.


  • Make reservations for dinner and wine tasting a local winery. There are several wineries in the Cincinnati, Eastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky areas that are hidden gems! You can have dinner there and then do a tasting of all their wines. There’s almost always a beautiful outdoor sitting area sometimes with a firepit that you guys can sit around and relax at. It’s a low key, jeans acceptable, way to enjoy the evening while still celebrating the bride.


  • Road trip to a local bed and breakfast for a night. Specifically, in Eastern Indiana there are several bed and breakfasts that can accommodate a group. These unique places are usually located in an area with beautiful scenery and some peace and quiet. At most places (make sure you check ahead of time) you’re able to bring your own drinks, and dessert if you wanted to do a cake or something specific to celebrate. Some of these B&B’s are located near small wineries so you can go back to them after doing a tasting or dinner.


Even if you end up doing a simple night at home with your girls, as long as you have fun and are able to celebrate your upcoming wedding, it’s all good!



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