March 9, 2020

After planning your wedding for months, or even years, the day has finally come!! All the sudden every planned detail is finally happening! You’re with your girls getting ready, laughing, listening to music and the next thing you know, you’re running late, and it gets a little chaotic. The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is the scramble to get her dress on and get out the door.

Here are some tips to help make the day go smoother…

  • Make a good plan with your hair and makeup team to make sure your hair and makeup are done on time.


  • Set an alarm on your phone. I know it seems crazy to set an alarm on your wedding day, but it’s helpful to have a reminder of what time it is.


  • BE SURE TO EAT! I’ve seen several brides who have gone the whole day running on only adrenaline. Make sure that you are eating a decent meal at some point. It helps your energy level, your mental clarity, and your patience for when things start to move quickly.


  • Prepare your bags ahead of time. Make sure you have undergarments, accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc all in one place. Then have another bag for clothes for the following day. Having those separated makes it easier to keep track of everything and to make sure nothing is forgotten.


  • Ask for help!! Planners, moms, bridesmaids, maid of honor, siblings….ask for help from everyone! Everyone wants to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. If you need a glass of water, while you’re having your hair done, ask!


Lastly, enjoy the day!! Reminding yourself that you’ve selected the best vendors (hopefully myself included), and you’ve made every arrangement you needed to, will help give you peace of mind on the big day.

Perfect! Check your email for tips!