February 22, 2020

Scrolling Pinterest for hours, looking at Instagram, meetings with the florist…..all of those things go into creating the wedding of your dreams.

As a photographer, it’s my job to capture all of the details you spent hours, days, or even weeks deciding on. So why a second shooter…because there’s a lot.

Beyond the centerpieces and seating chart are the people; and then there’s the people’s details. Typically for a bride, I take portraits of her getting ready, her shoes, her accessories, her dress (of course), all the way down to her perfume bottle.

The bouquets, the boutonnieres, the invitations, the venue…that all needs to be captured as well. And of course, the groom and the groomsmen have details and portraits too.

Having two photographers allows for us to honor every decision and detail you worked so hard to choose and plan.

In addition to photographing portraits and details, is the equally important task of capturing the whole day’s events. At the ceremony it’s soooo beneficial to have one photographer towards the front of the ceremony and one towards the back to capture the entire scene. The front photographer has the opportunity to see everyone’s faces in the front row, and to see those moments that everyone else misses sitting behind them. There’s nothing quite as sweet as the bride’s father grabbing his wife’s hand to help hold back the tears while watching his baby girl get married. I want to make absolutely sure to photograph that moment, while the second shooter is photographing you and your very soon to be spouse exchanging your vows.

Having a second shooter on your wedding day is so critical in my mind, that it’s included in my pricing. I believe to my core that you need to have a second photographer there to help photograph both all of the amazing things on your wedding day, and also just to make everything run smoother for everyone.

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